Our Services

With the strength of its team’s expertise, Enviro Ecocredit has positioned itself as a veteran adviser to help businesses profit from opportunities that the carbon market has to offer.  Its integrated approach allows Enviro Ecocredit to permit numerous organizations to respect their regulatory obligations or to perceive revenue from the sale of carbon credits on the voluntary market.

Our public and private sector clients, both, appreciate our approach.  We offer a turn-key service from greenhouse gas emission quantification or greenhouse gas reductions, including accompaniment during the validation/verification process to the registration of the project.

Carbon Credit Purchase and Sale Transaction

As a leader in climate finance, Enviro Ecocredit stands apart from the competition by its capacity to transact large volumes of ecological credits. Enviro Ecocredit combines the functions of market operator, aggregator, and market-maker on behalf of its buyer/seller clients. The trading team has handled more than 1.3 million carbon credit on the voluntary market in Canada and the United States. This makes Enviro Ecocredit one of the most important environmental commodities traders in Canada.

The problem of climate change affects us all. These effects have already been felt in terms of meteorological shifts and by the disappearance of biodiversity elements. These effects have not only an environmental cost but also an economic cost. In response to this new reality, Enviro Ecocredit has proposed managing, through an ecological credit market, environmental samples such as air, water, and biodiversity.

Greenhouse Gas Quantification

The team that comprises Enviro Ecocredit is a pioneer in greenhouse gas quantification services in Canada. The Enviro Ecocredit experts have affected more than one hundred greenhouse gas emission and reduction quantifications on behalf of its clients in the transport, residual materials management, real estate, and agriculture sectors.

The Enviro Ecocredit team of professionals has developed solutions to optimize information collection processes and to identify emission quantities and emission sources that different industrial activities produce.

Regulated Market

  • Establishment of a greenhouse gas emission record according to the criteria established by the provincial and federal governments.

  • Credit quantification for early reductions.

  • Administration and recording of the obligatory declaration

Voluntary Market

Establishment of a greenhouse gas emission record with respect to recognized international standards:

  • ISO 14064.

  • GHG Protocol.

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

  • Carbon Disclosure Project.

  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

  • Gold Standard.

  • Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

  • American Carbon Registry.


The carbon credit is a new asset class. In coming years, it will constitute a liability or an asset for several organizations. In fact, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Fight Against Climate Change (MDDELCC) foresees a 2.4 billion Canadian dollar market value in Quebec by 2020. Therefore senior executives and administrators must acquire specific skills to able to respond to this new dynamic.

Training adapted to the reality of today’s managers

In order to permit the most managers to obtain skills specific to the carbon market, short-term specialized training is offered in businesses and for sectorial organizations and professionals.

Available training:

  • Carbon market initiation

  • Carbon purchase and sale contract negotiation and elaboration

  • Transaction and records administration

  • Environmental asset evaluation

  • Transaction taxation

  • Bonding, guaranties and insurance

Records Management

Enviro Ecocredit accompanies its clients in the recording of their projects in recognized registres such as le Registre des GES EcoProjetsMD and Markit or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Environmental Asset Evaluation

Environmental attributes, carbon credits in particular, have become an unsettled class of assets or liabilities in the new economy based on low greenhouse gas emission. Enviro Ecocredit offers an independent and professional ecological asset evaluation service. It can offer an opinion on the portfolio value of environmental attributes by using several evaluation methods such as cost, market value or yield value. According to client needs, the evaluation can be completed using the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Our assessors are members of organizations recognized in the United States as American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and Enviro Association of Independent Fee Appraiser (NAIFA).